ACT NOW and REquest a REvote for the WESTPORT HIGH SALE





On March 26th, the Kansas City Public School Board voted against the sale of the Westport High School to be repurposed into market rate apartments as well as a charter high school, despite the recommendation of the KCPS team of advisors recommending the sale be approved.

On April 4th, all of the emails, letters, and written concerns about the decision to VOTE DOWN the sale of Westport High School will be distributed to the board.  I would like you to be one of the supporting voices who speaks out and REQUEST THEY RECONSIDER the sale and redevelopment of Westport High into the proposed market rate housing and a charter school.  Many of you have already voiced your support over the two years in which the KCPS Repurposing Initiative has asked for your input and has now delivered it as their recommendation to the School Board.  I would ask that you agree to voice a positive, but impactful plea for the School Board to RECONSIDER THE WESTPORT HIGH SCHOOL SALE and assist the citizens who supported the Repurposing Initiative Advisors, the Superintendent, the affected neighborhoods and communities, and the public school students in need of the high school facility.

The deadline for submitting letters for the April 4th distribution, which will be the first distribution of feedback since they voted 4:3 against the sale, is 9:00 am the morning of April 4th.  It is recommended that our disapproval be present AT THAT TIME.  However, you can submit letters of concern after April 4th, and they will be distributed to the board at a later date.  We are trying to have an optimal impact during this crucial time to show immediate concern and ask for immediate reconsideration.  Letters can be emailed to Sandra Nunnaley, Secretary of the KC School Board, at

Get updated info and organizing information by following our facebook page:facebook-blackwph




You may also SHOW UP at 1211 McGee Street for the following three School Board Meetings. On the April 23rd meeting, 10 citizens will be allowed to voice their concerns verbally during the meeting.  If you are really proactive about this, you may want to bring a large sign and your friends to these meetings, in order to help get the point across.  We will be in contact will all local media outlets.

April 9th 6:30 (positive vocal protests outside of the meeting or sitting in the meeting holding smaller signs in the audience)

April 10th 5:00 (positive vocal protests outside of the meeting or sitting in the meeting holding smaller signs in the audience)

April 23rd 6:30 (10 citizens selected to speak) (non-speakers can hold smaller signs in the audience and again, positive vocal protests outside of the meeting)

For more info on this see the contact person below.

arriving 15 minutes prior to the meeting is recommended

This will only take a moment, so please SHARE THIS LINK ON SOCIAL MEDIA, AND write your own REQUEST TO RECONSIDER THE SALE OF WESTPORT HIGH to the community-recommended developer.  Or use the provided template below by copying and pasting.  Please stay positive and know there are people on the school board and in the Superintendent’s office who support this effort.  More info on this subject can be found below and at this Kansas City Star link:

The School Board elections are April 8th.  Get out and vote.  Let the new and existing candidates know that you support this issue and ask they listen to the community and their advisors.  More info here:


To the Kansas City School Board:

I, __________________, officially request the reconsideration of the sale of                     Westport High School to the Foutch Brothers for their recommended redevelopment               plans.  Please RE-Vote in favor of this sale and support the recommendations of your             Repurposing Initiative, your Superintendent and Administration, and the affected                 neighborhoods and communities, which include many public school students that                   would benefit from the charter school slated for use in the redevelopment plan.  We,               as a community, have voiced this desire once through the Redevelopment                                 Initiative, whom you insightfully organized to serve the purpose.  Please listen to                     them, as they have listened to us.









The Kansas City School Board has voted 4 to 3 against the sale of Westport High School to the Foutch Brothers, who plan to redevelop the building into Market Rate Apartments and a Charter High School.  The selected charter school, Academie Lafayette, is one of the HIGHEST PERFORMING IN THE STATE and is a PUBLIC SCHOOL.  The Superintendent of Kansas City Public Schools and their Repurposing Initiative recommended this sale after almost two years of due diligence and research, engaging both specialists in repurposing and the community.  The message needed is a positive yet impactful desire from the public for the KC School Board to RECONSIDER AND REVOTE in support of the recommendation by the Superintendent and Repurposing Initiative.  Over the last two years hundreds of Kansas City residents in the Westport High area adamantly guided and supported the sale of Westport High for the use of market rate apartments and a charter school facility proposed by the Foutch Brothers.  This guidance and support manifested through the process implemented by the KCPS Repurposing Initiative.

The Kansas City Public School Repurposing Initiative is a program that was created BY THE KC SCHOOL BOARD.  It was set up with parameters, guidelines, and qualifiers to be met during the process of selecting appropriate reuses for these empty school buildings.  ALL OF THESE PARAMETERS WERE MET AND APPROVED over the two years of evaluation for the sale of the Westport High School building.  According to the KCPS Repurposing Initiative Westport High Assessment, the communities in Midtown KC affected by the repurposing of this school identified

“multiple reuses that would benefit the neighborhood including education (college extension, adult education, K-12 school, community arts/theater), housing, community center, multiple uses/organizations.”


We need to verbally request the School Board reconsider their vote and act in support of THEIR Repurposing Initiative, their Superintendent, and the affected neighborhoods and communities, which include many public school students that would benefit from the charter school slated for use in the redevelopment plan.

More info on the Repurposing Initiative regarding Westport High School:

Thank you, on behalf of the Midtown Kansas City Community, and Charter School Communities and Parents.


For more information or to take a more active and visible role in supporting this cause (potentially a positive, public protest), please contact:

Crissy Dastrup


3444 Campbell St.

Kansas City, MO 64109

Disclaimer:  I am not representing or affiliated in any official capacity, The Foutch Brothers, LLC, The KCPS Repurposing Initiative, The KCPS Board or District, Academie Lafayette, or any other organization.  I am a concerned parent of children in the charter school system, and a concerned community member of Midtown Kansas City, specifically Hyde Park.


5 thoughts on “ACT NOW and REquest a REvote for the WESTPORT HIGH SALE

  1. This is an email I received with my response:

    Hi Crissy,

    I have a child that attends AL. I saw your blog today and wonder if you have information on the views of the current board members and candidates regarding the sale of Westport.

    Thank you!

    Because the vote was held in “closed session” we are unaware of what was discussed. They are legally able to have held the session “closed” because the vote included a real estate sale, but they were not required to do so. They are able to release the details of the meeting if they choose, and I expect they will at some point. I do know that the vote was 4:3 and a 2/3 vote is needed for approval. We are also down one school board member at present, but will have a full board after the April 8th vote, as far as I understand.

    The speculation from everyone outside of the Board of Education building is that the board members who voted against the sale don’t want a charter school in their building. When I spoke with the Administration in a 1 hour meeting, they suggested that one possible reason for the vote was that the school might need to be reused by the KCPS system. They did not present this reason with much confidence. Note that the administration was FOR THE SALE of the Westport Building and gave direction on how to start this community initiative.

    Both ladies also implied that this IS NOT A FINAL DECISION. Which seems confusing. Why would they vote on a decision that isn’t final? Why not just table the vote and continue dialogue. I also do not believe the reasoning about possibly needed the building for KCPS to be valid. It seems if this were a factor, they should have taken the property off the Repurposing Initiative List, and NOT wasted 2 years worth of their employees time, the communities time, and the taxpayers money evaluating the property with intent to sell. I also think that if they needed to keep the property for their use, this would not have been decided in a vote. It would have been an absolute and the property would have been taken off the table out of default. I also don’t think these women would have encouraged me to send in letters of concern is the building was intended and needed for KCPS use.

    My feeling is that the school board members who voted against the sale are trying to appease the agenda of those who feel threatened by the charter school systems. Maybe this was just an initial vote to placate some, that will be followed by a vote that is in line with the original goals and recommendations of the Repurposing Initiative and community, and that will make good on the 2 years of extensive due diligence, time, money, effort, and involvement of so many.

    Crissy Dastrup

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