Sharing the Love on Valentines Day

It’s Valentines Day again.   And since we’ve been shown so much LOVE over the past year from all of our supports, clients, friends, followers, and fans…we are ready to Share the Love.

Below you will find two pristine examples of expertly executed, technically choreographed Valentine’s Day performances…both of which exhibit the love and admiration we, as entrepreneurs, have for all of our fans and clients.  We love you.  So much, in fact, that we couldn’t decide how best to convey and express our true feelings.  Justin thought the essence of Danny Zuko and Sandy from Grease would exhibit the “we love you, goodie goodie or bad to the bone, we just want you in our lives” vibe.  (reliving his days with a full head of thick silky locks, no doubt)  I, however, felt we should express our appreciation with a “feelin’ groovy, roller-funk love fest” kind of vibe, admittedly personifying my unfulfilled 70’s roller-goddess fantasies.  So as all good business partners must do from time to time… we decided to both stand our ground, dig in our heels, and hand over the decision to a third party. (that would be you!)

So take a moment, a small break from sniffing your red roses, eating your chocolates, and salivating over the studly singing valentine in the office, and VOTE for the superior Valentine performance from DCG.  Give us, the co-owners of 3 children and two companies, the gift of one of us being right.  Please remember to take this vote seriously.  We spent countless hours rehearsing these two numbers and have endured injuries and an innumerable amount of snickering bystanders.  Choreography and artistic design courtesy of the Nationally renown Kansas City Ballet Artistic Director, Devon Carney.

Disclaimer: Devon Carney took no part in the choreography or artistic direction for either of these performances.  However he is our neighbor, therefore must bear some responsibility for these performances.

Let the official Third-Party 2014 DCG Valentine Vote commence!  Just watch the show and then vote on the pole found below.  Happy Valentines Day!

CLICK HERE  to watch Justin and Crissy throw down with some 50's Jive.

CLICK HERE to watch Justin and Crissy throw down with some 50’s Jive.

CLICK HERE to watch Crissy and Justin ride the train to funky town.

CLICK HERE to watch Crissy and Justin ride the train to funky town.

This poll will be open for the entire month of February.  Thank you for laughing with us, and at us, and for your continued support.  Please find us on twitter, facebook, and Linkedin. Look for the rollout of our redesigned websites for DCG and SelfBanc this spring!


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Proud owners of a publication.

DCG is the proud new owner of an article in the Thinking Bigger Business Media’s Annual Guide for Entrepreneurs!


Hooray for us!  But enough about me, lets talk about how contributing to a publication can help you and your business.

The most obvious answer to the questions, “Why would I want to write content for someone else?”, is: Content is Valuable!  The content you provide to a publication, whether it’s a blog, magazine, television program, still content that you can use to boost your business’ exposure, or “social proof”.  Your social proof refers to how visible you are to a potential audience.  How easily can you be found?  If you’ve contributed content, you can increase your visibility through several ways:

1. You will be featured in someone else’s content.  This is like free advertising.  If you’ve written an article, are acting as a contributor, or even underwrite a product or service…make sure you brand the content appropriately to put your stamp on the content in some way.

2. Reuse the content.  You can take your content and post it to your heart’s content on all of your own social media, blogs, and websites….just check to make sure of the date of publication.  Most people want to be the first to release new content, which brings up another important point to consider.  Reusing an article you wrote for magazine A and serving it up as sloppy seconds to magazine B leave a bad taste in both mouths!  HA! I love puns!  So, if you want to recycle your content for more exposure through a new source, make sure you put a new spin on it and give it new life. (it’s the decent thing to do)

3 Backlinks are your friend.  Backlinks are a great tool in your SEO (search engine optimization) arsenal!  Use them liberally with your newfound content patron.  Make sure you contact Magazine A and ask them to backlink the online version of your article to your website from their website.  You can also tag and link up to Magazine A on all of your social and digital formats to increase your reach to their audience.  Some places even let you post on their walls and groups.  This is a great way to link yourself to a new audience.  There are several tricks of the trade on how to optimize this effort.  Check out this smart lady to learn more about that.

4. Did anyone ever teach you how to brag? You can boast about your new smarty pants publication through many social media platforms.  Most have a special place reserved specifically to showcase a link to your new fame and notoriety through a “publications” section.  Break out your french horn and play a blaring rendition of, “I’m so smart, other people want to know what I know.”

Well, since you’ve read this far, I’m going to let you in on a little secret of mine.  Most publications are desperate for content.  That’s right.  It’s just not that hard to find someone willing to let you do their job for them!  Most editors are in a mad rush to fill each magazine or blog with something new and witty.  Don’t let them down when they give you a shot, and chances are, they’ll come back for more!

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